August 26, 2006

Pluto, Pluto, Pluto, whine whine whine.

Everywhere I turn on my blogroll, I see someone lamenting the recent unpleasantness about Pluto's planetary status or lack thereof. People, get the fuck over it. Pluto hasn't changed size, nor shape, nor position, due to this ruling. It is still right where it is. The fact that it was a 'planet' of our solar system is due to the fact that we, as semisentient apes, saw it and named it thus. That's it.

So if you want, keep right the fuck on calling it a planet. I think I might.

Yes, people will argue and whine about consistency and other bodies and blah and blah. Look, until we actually have a conversation with people from somewhere else (and I don't think the Pioneer plaque counts, but the sentiment of that post rules) then what the hell does it matter? Look, I'm all for precision in science. I'm all for the triumph of science over blind belief. But let's be honest, here - whether Pluto is a 'planet' or a 'subplanetary body' or a 'pluton' (shudder) is completely irrelevant to the workings of life on Earth, how humans interrelate (unless they're having a discussion about grading Solar bodies) or basically anything else 'real world.' Sure, it'll be 'incorrect use' but who really cares? Do we really, honestly think we've found everything of interest that orbits our Sun? Bet you a dollar we haven't. So why start getting paranoically revisionist about our textbooks and solar system diagrams at this point?

Calm down. If you were raised with nine planets in the goddamn Solar system, then don't worry. You woke up the morning of the ruling, and they were all still there.

If Pluto is feeling upset about this, tell it the next round of beers is on me.

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