July 5, 2006

Cry me a fucking river, Mr. Yoo.

It's quite apparent to me what your vision of power in the Federal Government is, and it does not in any way jibe with mine. As a citizen of the United States who does not have the ear of the President, I should nevertheless think that the Constitution applies to me as much as it does to you. Note that if the Supreme Court thinks that Congress and not the President gets to delimit the Executive Branch's powers in wartime, if your response to this is that 'What the court is doing is attempting to suppress creative thinking,' I should point out that in fact it's a Republican Congress who would be suppressing said creative thinking. If you're so worried that the President's own party-controlled Congress is such a severe check on his actions, then maybe (just maybe) his actions aren't in the best interest of the United States as a polity and nation.

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