June 13, 2006

How to torment an Apple fanboy

So Tom's Hardware claims you can build a budget ($720) PC with a 4 GHz dual-core CPU. They're not lying, but what this really is is a 2 GHz Pentium-D pushed to 4 GHz with the help of commercially-available watercooling kits.

Computers have changed. Phrases like "It is important to keep the reservoir filled to the fill line. For best results, use distilled water (or another non-conductive cooling liquid)" emphasize this fact to me. Apparently, it's no longer EXTREME to have water lines drooping off the back of your 'puter.

I note that this is similar, if not identical, to the chip in my new iMac. I fantasize briefly about being able to write the following line in a HOWTO blog entry (with pictures) describing how to watercool an iMac: "Using this Dremel, I managed to route the water lines to the heatpipes inside the iMac...

...and the sounds of Apple fanboys everywhere screaming and fainting pervaded the blogosphere. DIY FTW!"


Of course, I'm one of those fanboys. I cringe at the thought of taking sharpness to the boo'ful white plazztic of my iMac. Yes. Yes. Oh, you smell good. What is that?

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