May 9, 2006

It's starting to drizzle Other Shoes.

So. Larua Rozen at War and Piece and TPM Muckraker have pointers to another connection between Porter Goss and Mr. Wilkes-of-lining-Randy-Cunningham's-Pockets fame: apparently, just before going from the CIA originally to work for Goss as a staffer - Goss was chairman of the House Intelligence Committee at the time, in 2000 - Brent Bassett (known as "Nine Fingers" in this whole daytime TV soap of a government) got a $5,000 check from Wilkes, which on his disclosure forms he's not even really sure what to call.

More popcorn, please.

Someone is going to have to draw us a cool chart with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining what each one is so we can keep track of the players of poker, poke her and Tax Dollar Bingo here.

Update: Other shoes, other shoes...

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