May 8, 2006

CNN Blows Whatever Credibility They Might Have Left

...right here. Note that in the same story where they tell you that the No. 3 CIA man quitting was a 'childhood friend' of the central figure in the current sex-and-money-for-contracts scandal that only began with taking down Randy 'Duke' Cunningham, they tell you that the abrupt and surprise resignation of his boss is in fact the cause of this, not an outcome.

Sure. And pigs have antigrav trotters.

Let's have a small thought experiment. Let's say, for the sake of argument, that the Head of the CIA appointed by, say, a Democratic president, who was wildly unpopular with the long-time professional cadre of employees there, brought with him a long-time associate from essentially out of nowhere. Let us also say that this DCI had a highly publicized, stormy tenure in which allegations of political housecleaning during a much harped upon 'war' were bandied about.

Now let's imagine that this DCI, who to date has had no personal allegations of impropriety involving a sex or bribery scandal, abruptly resigns. Then two days later, his personal appointee, who it turns out is involved to the point of being the target of an FBI investigation and possible indictment, resigns.

CNN says 'gee, he only resigned because his boss left.'

Now crank in multiple hints, rounded up by Laura Rozen at War and Piece, that this no. 3 has been considering resigning since before the Big Cheese's suprise Friday funhouse announcement.

And still, CNN sucks wind for the White House spin cycle.


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