April 27, 2006

Books from Days Long Past

Surfing about on E2 spat up a title I'd long forgotten: Sideways Stories from Wayside School. Haven't even thought about that book since elementary school, and BAM it's all back. Then I remembered Seder, when I got hung up on a faint memory of a character in a children's book who took off his feet and put on a new pair - but that's all I could remember. Five hours of annoying everyone else there (who couldn't remember what I was talking about) I had had enough Scotch that I was sitting on a sofa and ping OH YEAH! Mouse Tales!

Now I want to go pick up my nephews from nursery school and poke around the library.

I swear Jhonen Vasquez read Sideways Stories...the Skool from Invader ZIM is sooo much like it...

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