April 7, 2006

Apple Boot Camp Gamer Glitch #1

So aside from the spineshivering freakazoidicalness of watching blocky, hideous Redmondoid WinInstaller text scroll around the panel of my shiny new iMac, Apple's Boot Camp public beta seems to work quite well. There are several limitations made known to you in advance: you must have your hard drive partitioned in the default manner (i.e. a single Mac HFS+ Journaled partition, nothing else) at the start, and if you use NTFS for the Windows filesystem, OS X can't by default read your Windows partition. The clock in the iMac isn't exposed properly by their BIOS emulator, so unless you use a network time server, it will keep coming up wacky when you boot into Windows.

I found a couple of my own, some more annoying than others. Here's what I have so far.

  • The ATI display drivers always want to warn me about 'disabling TV display mode' when the XP partition boots, no matter that the drivers don't seem to think I have a TV connected or enabled or that I tell it to not warn me about such things, save, and reboot. Still comes up.
  • Getting CDs out of the drive, until you have installed the Mac driver disk and can use the keyboard eject button, is tiresome. Thankfully the MightyMouse 'right button' does work since it seems to be a hardware function of the mouse itself.
  • Here's the Gamer Glitch: The SigmaTel audio drivers didn't understand I'd plugged headphones into the back until I went and told them so manually, and most problematic they don't seem to be able to shut off the internal speakers at all. No matter what I do, the internal speakers remain on. Manually specifying that I'd plugged in headphones got the headphones themselves to work, but the speakers work as well...which makes gaming late at night not too cool given that I have light-sleeping neighbors. Sigh.
More as I find it. Still, this is a tickle. It irritates me to hear all these analysts go on about how 'this new approach won't help Apple' when in fact Apple has a long history of offering means to run Windows/x86 software, albeit usually pricier ones - remember the DOS Compatibility Card?

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