March 7, 2006

Why The Hell Isn't The Headline "Panel Rejected A Full Investigation Of the Program?"

"Liberal Media" my wide black ass. "GOP Senators Propose NSA Spying Bill" makes it sound like they're actually doing something about it instead of working frantically to sweep the entire fucking thing under the rug. Note that my proposed headline is, in fact, in paragraph four of the article.

Meanwhile, somehow it's now OK to search publisher's homes under warrants which it's illegal to even disclose exist, and to direct publishers and ISPs to hand over records on their clients (that would be reporters, and anyone who hosts websites) while making it a federal crime to even tell said people that the warrant has been served.

Oh, and 'classified information,' the disclosure of which can bring the aforementioned measures down on you, is anything the fucking Vice President decides it is. Without consulting anyone.

I agree, if Bill Clinton had just stamped 'CLASSIFIED' on his cock we'd all have been better off, no?

What the fuck is happening in my country?

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