March 5, 2006

Unexplained Rez Event

Only because I'm far to lazy a fat bastard to do anything about it will I blog this, but this is a fantasy I just allowed to warm my small cold soul for a few minutes. Imagine that a design existed for a small bit of breadboarded electronics, sort of like the LED throwie. Imagine that instead of a LED, this bit of kit had a magnet and sticky for two mounting options, a power source, some 'tronics, and an RF transmitter. The transmitter would be weak, but designed to do one thing, if such a thing is possible: be picked up by the powered speaker wires of standard public address systems. The 'tronics would be a time chip and a basic music sample. Once you had the design worked out, you'd set all of the time chips to some point a couple months in the future and just travel around hunting down PA systems in public areas and hiding the chips near their feeds.

Then, at some point simultaneously, PA systems all over the place would suddenly start broadcasting a version of Underworld's incomparable rez/cowgirl.

The unexplained rez event.

It would rule.

Maybe if you were ambitious the kit would have speakers too. I dunno. Maybe for logistics purposes you could concentrate on one public area and spend a week planting 'em around that area, trying not to get caught and beat down for terrorist activities by our new security conscious overlords.

Still. It would kick.

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