March 3, 2006

The Last Entry, and an apology to George W. Bush and the DHS

Hey Mr. President-

Aren't you glad I have a careful-as-hell suspicious lawyer for a brother who compulsively fact-checks my ass? I know I am.

If he's correct, then I owe President George W. Bush and the DHS an apology, which is heretofore offered in advance because, after all, it was my assumption which led to my rude behavior. Mr. President, Dept. of Homeland Security, I withdraw my rude remarks and assumptions of infringements on my liberty implied in the prior post. All were based on my own inferences from a single news story which, as my brother has pointed out, does not actually contain any precise references to law which would justify such a reaction from me. I will state that your innocence of any misbehavior (even if only in my opinon) must be assumed until proven with hard evidence and references thereto.

Please accept my apologies for my assumption and the rudeness based on that assumption. It was my error.

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