February 9, 2006

For anyone who thinks that the Administration cares about security

Read this. Make your own decision about its veracity; I'm not claiming it's the truth. But if it is (and I certainly haven't seen any heated denials), given that it surely falls in line with known tactics of the esteemed Mr. Rove and company, think about what it says for their priorities - actual versus stated.

They do not care a whit for security, other than that of their own power.

They do not care a whit for honest debate of priorities.

They do not care a whit for the well-being of anyone who is not directly important to their personal power structure.

They are seeking to actively punish those who seek not to harm them directly, but to work possibly towards the greater good of the American polity - even those within their own political party.

This tells me (a biased observer) three things. One: they are not worthy of the power they currently hold, but I already knew that. Two: they are worried about the ongoing surveillance hearings. Worried enough to be doing this form of arm-twisting this openly against their own traditional supporters. Three: those supporters are worried as well.

Those worried supporters may be ready to act as Americans, and not as Republicans. If they do so, we need to give them room to do so. We need to be Americans here, not Democrats and Republicans - because the dangers confronting us are dangers to our rights and existence as Americans.

And Rove? Someone needs to take Rove down.

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