December 31, 2005

Car Dancing Par Excellence

Via MeFi, an awesome sequence of autodancing from carmaker Isuzu's ad campaign in the mid-1980s. Pity about the model of car chosen to receive this treatment, but ah well. Bear in mind, this was shot without special effects (according to the link, AFAICT) other than props such as ramps and the like.

Seriously, da-a-a-mn.

I recall, during the same period, there was an ad shot for a Renault (the Fuego?) on upper Park Avenue, Manhattan. I remember arriving in that area to visit a friend, and realizing that every car in every parking place for as far as I could see was a red Renault Fuego. There were security guards on each corner with radios, and the cars were all under plastic covers, but that didn't really detract from the sheer oddity of the view. The ad, IIRC, was essentially a crossfade shot where the 'normal' Park Avenue traffic faded into a stream of identical red Fuegos.

But they were just driving along sedately.

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