December 20, 2005

Discussion over the wiretap issue going on over at Intel Dump. It has a remarkably high signal:noise ratio for an internet 'Comments' discussion. I recommend it highly. One poster has a summation of his own position I strongly agree with:
But of course whether the president thinks that is irrelevant, just as the discussion on how important this program is to the GWOT is irrelevant. The bottom line is that it was not the president's call, it was Congress's call, and this president decided to ignore the law and his duties under the Constitution because he was more afraid of Osama than he was of remaining loyal to the Constitution. And that is being generous.
I would be less generous, and mutter darkly about ulterior motives involving the power of the Executive and the President's inability to admit mistakes, but that's me. Don't read me, go read the discussion.

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