December 12, 2005

So according to this demographic...

Followed a link from the incomparable Wonkette to a story about how 'really, nobody likes Hilary's flag-burning statute.' Ended up at, which I won't dignify with a link. While reading the story, which appears to be a condemnation of HC for trying to have her cake (look strong on flag defense) and eat it too (pander to the flag-burners by doing a 'statute' instead of a constitutional amendment) I found two things amusing. One, I wasn't that far from their point of view, although I myself fall into the flag-burning-is-protected-expression category. The second, though, was the line of ads that blogads (or whoever) had placed to run down the left side of this right-leaning, Republican-toned news site. From top to bottom, we have (animegifs all):

  • Defend Delay! ("No Laws Broken. Flawed, Contrived Indictments. Prosecutorial Misconduct. Stop the Travesty in Travis Co. Click here to help!")
  • New "Ghetto Blocks"! ("Wicked Prison fight system!" (picture of sullen black guy, fists raised) "Brutal Secrets OVERNIGHT!")
  • Irish Bare Knuckle Boxing! ("Take His Head Right Off!" (pic of Irish slugger wearing Nike swoosh, fists up to defend against YOU THE INTIMIDATING VIEWER!)
  • Men: Don't Chase Women, Attract Them! CLICK HERE NOW! (pic of Blonde with come-hither look)
  • Beware of the Dangers of Weight Training! The Ultimate Fitness Program! (pics of buffed out white guy with no shirt, posing and humping floor) No Equipment Required! Get Fit Fast! Master Your Own Bodyweight!
  • Own Gold Within Minutes! Buying gold online: "That was Easy" GoldMoney!
  • (pictures of large bills of various currencies flickering behind this URL, which I'm afraid to visit.)
  • U.S. Gold Eagles! American Eagle Gold Coins Only $18.95 (*over spot price) lessee. If I read, I'm a DeLay defending (okay), can't-fight, afraid-of-black-guys-cuz-they've-been-in-prison, likes-to-beat-up-irish-guys-for-sport, out-of-shape gambler in other country's miseries who can't get his own women and thinks having my money in GOLD is a good thing, especially if done through a website that uses animated gifs as its primary attractor.

And that's just the ads in the left-hand ad bar.

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