December 7, 2005


I know I sound like a shill. But if you use OS X and are a lazy sot about backups (like me) then get this. NOW. It rules. I have two physical drives in my Mac, set to mirror nightly, so that if one of them dies I don't even have to 'recover the array' or anything, I just remove the bad one and boot off the other. I have used it around ten times to restore my system from the 'backup' drive to a preinstall state after removing iffy software I was testing. All for $28. If you don't have multiple drives, it's marginally less safe but easier to just use multiple partitions on a drive - doesn't protect you against physical failure of the drive itself, but does protect you against corruption of the drive partition. Combine with cron for nightly happy. (Update: the newest version has prefs for automatic runs, and will insert itself into crontab without the need to resort to add'l software or editors. W00t.) Simple software ftw.

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