November 27, 2005

Divorced from Reality...

...and the alimony's going to be a stone bitch. Michael Brown, ex-head of FEMA whose emails revealed his annoyance with Hurricane Katrina interrupting his dining out as well as suggestions from his staff that he keep his shirt sleeves rolled up so he 'looked hard working', plans to start a consulting business.

Doing...wait for it...

Disaster planning. I shit you not.

Even he seems to recognize the level to which his useless cronyism-based fuckup has slotted him, with his closing sentences. "My wife, children and my grandchild still love me. My parents are still proud of me."

Well, they're all related to him by genes or choice. They can't be the brightest lights out there.

I wonder how many of his 'great clients' owe favors to the administration?

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