November 21, 2005

The Tribulations of Gir

Hmf. Well, as far as I can tell, at least one of Gir's problems is that drive sector 0 is bad. This is Not Good(tm), as this is where the MBR and hence partition map are written. Thus, whether I succeed in marking the *other* bad sectors as such in the FAT or not, the likelihood that he'll remain stable is quite low. I may be wrong about this, because sometimes it *does* write the MBR, just after much click-thrashing and the like. One problem I have is that the MacOS is too damn enthusiastic about automounting and/or autotwiddling any volumes which 'appear' - like, when he's plugged in. I haven't been brave enough to just go kill automountd (and launchd) in order to prevent this. That would be a logical next step.

If, however, I'm going to start mucking around with my Mac at the process level as well as on the disk bus, I need a better backup than the one I have now - or to at least disconnect my media drive first.

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