November 18, 2005

Sharp Tools Too

Okay. So if sector zero a.k.a. the FAT on disk3s1 (disk 3,, partition 1) is damaged, then the obvious hack is to move sector zero of partition 1 somewhere else on the disk. The partition table appears to remain undamaged amongst all this hackery. So. After trying multiple methods and means of tweaking the partition table (Disk Utility=not enough control, diskutil same thing, fdisk complains about resource busy, desperately trying dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/rdisk3 bs=1024 count=3 results in no write) I discover that...

OS X is trying to background fsck the stupid partition, despite the fact that it doesn't work.

Kill that process. Try again w/fdisk. Ah! Okay, now partition one is offset by a few (disk) sectors. Now run Disk Utility again, and erase the volume as MS-DOS...meh. Well, it appears to be working, but very slowly, with that wonderful 'CLIK' noise of 'bad read/write.' Hm! On the other hand, the log window of Disk Utility hands me all sorts of wonderful info, like the backup sector location, sector numbers...the stuff that the code earlier was hardcoding.

Gack. I wonder if the iPod firmware stuff is going to assume disk sectors and/or nuke all this.

Meh. Gotta sleep. More later.

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