October 24, 2005

I Weep for the Future

Why? Well, because.

Note carefully: in no way do I mean that it is not anyone's right to believe whatever they wish - that's the purpose of this nation.

However, one prime reason our nation has done well for itself is because of its embrace of technology and science - and the concomitant attitude of 'questioning truths' that goes along with it. Given the current debates over the direction of science education in this country, I fear for the future of the United States as a competitive world economy.

I have no problem with creationist being taught to children. However, it is a particular belief, of a particular religion or set of religions - it is not a methodology. It is a story, a version of the past couched in a belief system. As such, it has no place in the science classroom. If the argument was over whether or not it was to be taught in an elective, under cultural studies, or even history, I would be much more of two minds about it. However, pushing to teach it in science curricula is not a positive attempt to 'defend ones faith' - it is an attempt to suppress the teachings of science because they conflict with your personal interpretation of the world as taught by your faith.

Nope. Bzzzzt. Go home. That's why we came to this country in the first place.

It especially angers me to hear people invoke 'religious oppression' in their arguments. I challenge them to move past their sheltered little worlds in their rich democracy and visit places where people are persecuted for merely possessing the icons of a faith not approved of by the government or even their neighbors. Where mentioning anything about a faith can result in death or isolation. And yet people here have the temerity to claim 'oppression' because they are told that they are not allowed to tell other children, not of their faith, that science is 'not the answer.'


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