October 19, 2005

Wednesday is Fitzmas.

"I have nothing but contempt and anger for those who betray the trust by exposing the name of our sources. They are, in my view, the most insidious of traitors." - George H.W. Bush

TIM RUSSERT: "For the record, the first time you learned that Joe Wilson's wife worked for the CIA was from Karl Rove?"

MATT COOPER: "That's correct."
- Meet the Press

"Soon afterward Mr. Libby raised the subject of Mr. Wilson's wife for the first time. I wrote in my notes, inside parentheses, 'Wife works in bureau?' I told Mr. Fitzgerald that I believed this was the first time I had been told that Mr. Wilson's wife might work for the C.I.A."
- Judith Miller

Taken from the comments on DailyKos.

Impeach George Bush. Impeach him now.

As Jon Aravosis pointed out, if a White House official knowingly divulged the name of an OSS operative during World War Two, they would have been in serious danger of being shot. Bush likes to tell us with as much gravitas as he can muster (well short of Colbert) that we are at war. About what? Among other things, terrorism, rogue states, WMDs and the Middle East. What was the intelligence agent who was exposed working on? Yep, WMDs and the Middle East.

But it's okay. The GOP's tame columnists like to talk about how 'it's only DC' and 'this kind of thing happens all the time' and 'it's not really a crime.' Any investigation of this matter is just 'partisan criminalization of politics.' That's one of their favorite phrases.

Wrong and bullshit.

It's the politicization of crime.

Don't let them get away with it.

Frist, DeLay, Abramoff, whoever Fitzgerald is looking into, Safavian, whoever paid for the 'illegal propaganda' at the Education Department - and these are just in the past few months, and the ones that actually made it to the mostly-cowed press. How many more are there? They're running your country. Into the damn ground. Don't let them.

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