September 7, 2005

Impeach George Bush. Bring down the officials who failed us.

Read this now. As in, right now. It's the story of one of those 'hotel guests' from New Orleans. It is an eyewitness testimony to the fact that the people of New Orleans were able and willing to self-rescue - and the official organs of government stood in their way. The Federal Government didn't respond, leaving the local government (with its myriad and longstanding problems of social justice) to perform as it would - which seems to include lying, cheating, stealing, and firing weapons at Americans trying to leave New Orleans because they were on foot and not 'properly' in cars like good, prosperous folk.

The account tells of the basic decency of Americans, be they from Louisiana or Texas. It tells of essential cooperation once the basic safety of self and dependents was reasonably secure. It speaks of a descent into chaos that was at the very least abetted by the containment policies of local and federal officials - policies which look discriminatory in the best light, and damnably racist under any sort of examination, with a healthy dose of sheer stupidity and panic thrown in.

This is what happens when the idea of 'small government' is appropriated by the practitioners of incompetent government in an attempt to carry out larcenous government.

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