July 27, 2005

Sometimes people ask me what's wrong with this country.

I like to show them things like this. I don't, for once, care what else might be true about anyone involved. All I need to know is that from what I can tell in the story, a photo service employee looked at a picture of a father kissing his naked newborn baby on the belly and decided to show this picture to the police. Furthermore, the police apparently somehow decided that this was sexual assault. Oh, and the mother was arrested for taking 'sexually explicit pictures.' Both were arrested. The father did six months in jail. There had better have been some pretty severe additional circumstances that we're not being told about.

What fucking planet are these people from? I don't even know where to start.

UPDATE: HA! Okay. So there were, in fact, pretty severe addition circumstances: this story has much more detail. I am wrong and again, went off half-cocked with not enough info. The fact that a similar case was ruled to be a cultural difference and the defendant was judged innocent is quite interesting. I make no judgement on this man's innocence or guilt; I offer this link to point out simply that there was another source for the story which offered additional information, demonstrating that I was reacting to severely restricted info. Whoops. Get the facts, J.B.

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