July 14, 2005

"Oops" doesn't cut it.

While this may come across as harsh, I really don't plan to cut Douglas Feith much slack for just now admitting the *possibility* of error in planning for the Iraq War. Given that he resigned his post in January, the extremely watered-down 'clarifications' he makes in this story don't even warrant raised eyebrows.

Furthermore, I have to admit to a bit of annoyance and the fervant hope that this man does not ever hold a position involving forming policy for our nation's military again - not without an open and thorough inquiry into the planning process of this war, and if it went wrong. Given the tendency of people who are deeply connected to massive fuckups in American policymaking to somehow mumble mea culpas and then end up consulting for a few years before popping up again in another government post, I think I will be keeping a bitter eye peeled for Mr. Feith.

You fucked up, Feith. You and your team fucked up, and people died, and are dying. Our people. Their people. Mumbling about 'I am not asserting to you that I know that the answer is, we did it right.' doesn't impress me. Saying "We fucked up," clearly and with force, might actually do so.

Of course, then you'd have Karl Rove and his character assassins on your ass, wouldn't you?

Really, this seems like more of a 'wishful thinking' on the WaPo's part than anything like real admission of potential error. However, I didn't see the interview. Posted by jbz at July 14, 2005 1:21 AM | TrackBack

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