July 7, 2005


Finally have a Pelikan in my collection. This one has a custom nib, a Pelikan M250 gold nib ground by Richard Binder into a 0.9mm left-foot 15-degree italic cursive. I like it quite a bit, although I think I should have gone for the 0.7mm - Richard sizes nibs by line size rather than nib size, and this one is a tad broad for me. On the other hand, without the broad line, you wouldn't see the line width variation it offers nearly as well. Perhaps I should have gotten a 30-degree angle instead?

This isn't a calligraphy pen - instead, it's an everyday pen with a nib optimized for a more interesting look. The nib is less forgiving than the standard ball nib - being flat and offset, you need to hold it within a very narrow range of angles to the paper and rotation or it won't feed. But that's all right - it produces writing far better than my hand is worthy of. Now I guess I need to spend some time sitting around actually writing, so as to learn to produce lettering that takes advantage of the nib.

I print, see. Badly, as well. When I was in elementary school (primary school) I hated 'cursive' writing practice. I hated it so much I complained to my father. He handed me a note to take to my teacher. When i gave it to her, she said "What does this say? I can't read it!"

Triumphantly, I said "It says 'I'm a professional writer by trade, and I never learned to write cursive. If I can make a living at this without needing to know that stuff, then my son doesn't either.' Signed, David Zimmerman."

She looked at me, shrugged, and said 'Okay.'

I got to read during handwriting practice. I still think I got a good deal. I read waaay fast, and I print fast enough to take notes - and people can actually read my handwriting. It's only now that I have this awfully snobbish affectation of fountain pens that I regret not 'learning my letters.'

Still, that's fixable. Just gotta practice.

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Posted by: cheridy at July 11, 2005 12:23 AM

I have to wonder whether the keyboarding classes some schools (even elementary, so I'm told) teach these days are partly at the expense of the former cursive classes.

Posted by: Mark Gordon at July 8, 2005 6:33 PM
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