July 2, 2005

Online Personals and other Wound Saltings

In the never-ending attempt to convince myself that my genome isn't doomed, I ventured forth once more. I picked an ad which gave a fairly detailed amount of information - likes, dislikes, personal touches, a couple of lists and a few paragraphs of abouts, some wants. Hmm. Okay. It didn't ask for pictures, rather it asked for information...encouraging.

I responded in kind, mirroring the format of the ad, and offering a pointer to a webpage of mine where there is, in fact, a link to a picture of me, using my real email account - figured what the hell, it's on the web anyway.

I got back a one line replay from a yahoo email account which read something like "i couldn't open your picture can you send it as an attachment?"

Okay, fair enough, I hadn't sent a link directly to the pic, and the description I'd sent of the link in question was in fact sort of vague. I attached the pic, sent it off.

No reply. But the personal was reposted later that day.

Now, I realize that I have no right to expect anything from this person. I realize that this person could just be a picture collector (something I had no idea existed until I began the trail of tears that these boards can be if you're actually there because you don't have much other option). On the other hand, the lack of request for a picture in the posting, and the generally detailed nature of the post, plus the generally detailed reply I'd sent, had made me think not that physical attraction didn't matter (never that) but that perhaps, given the interaction and effort already expended, and given that the other party apparently had at least put in the effort to respond to my email, I might get some form of polite reply rather than simple void.

Ah well.

Sorry, ignore this. Bitter crap.

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