June 17, 2005

Batman Begins

Pleasant surprise. Batman Begins is, in fact, a quite enjoyable movie. It's a movie first, yes, and Batman second; Batman is Batman in all his Darkness, and the fact that they don't actually introduce him until the second half makes that introduction all the better. Christian Bale does an excellent job of the playboy Bruce Wayne, if a slightly wooden job of the tormented Bruce Wayne; he's got the physique to make it believable, and this time around we don't have to put up with muscles on the batsuit. It's way too tech for that, while still being the batsuit we know and love. I was wrong about Liam Neeson, he does a quite nice job as well. Michael Caine is perfect. Gary Oldman is really just a tad too creepy to be Gordon, but that's probably just my own associations.

Gotham, in this go-around, is based on Chicago, which makes perfect sense - all manner of nice bridges, elevated trains and underground roadways to produce dark spots, rusty ironwork and interesting skyline features. Of course, it's been digitally modified, with tri-level monorail trains and other nice touches - but it's a much more recognizable and functional looking city than the Gotham of the Burton movies. It makes things flow better; they don't look like forced-perspective escapes from comic book frames, anymore, but like actual movie scenes.

Recommended. A new favorite treatment (for me) of my always-favorite superhero. Plus, Morgan Freeman, I mean, really, how can you go wrong?

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