June 2, 2005

I can't even come up with a snarky title for this.

...but I'll try to when I comment on it later. Stories in reverse chronological order, read from the bottom. Pay particular attention to the interview with Gov. Taft early on in the unfolding chaos and fuckery as he vigorously defends Mr. Noe, and angrily attacks the investigating newspaper for attacking this good man. Then keep reading.

The letters written by outraged Republicans defending their party members/belittling the newspaper are fun, too, if you enjoy schadenfreude as much as I - of course, the chances that reality could leak past the fingers these people have screwed tightly into their ears is fairly slim.

These are the people who we've voted into running this country. This is the way they do the business of governance. Compare Clinton's blowjob and the 'missing files of the travel office' to this whole affair, with Jeff Gannon stacked on top, coupled with WMD intelligence failure and the resulting war in Iraq with no fucking plan for stabilization or endgame coupled with ludicrous assumptions about warfighting made by a bunch of chickenhawk deskjockeys who overrode professional military officers resulting in the current instability...and then tell me who's a danger to American security and prosperity.

For a quick summary, the New York Times weighs in here.

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