May 5, 2005

(Solaris) Ten Zen

For reasons best left unstated, I was attempting today to rectify the fact that a recently installed Solaris 10 (Intel) machine was refusing to admit that it had a network interface. In fact, it had three it could have picked from, one of which was a PCI 3Com 3C905-TXM which it clearly says it supports, but that's besides the point. In any case, I was logged into the Java Desktop environment as root, so after much pointless thrashing on a terminal in a vain attempt to either a) recall my much-out-of-date Solaris-fu or b) apply it to this situation, I decided to make-like-monkey and use the GUI. Click 'Launch'...aha! 'System Preferences.' Under that...'Network Configuration!' Perfect. Click.

A dialog box comes up. It wants information. This is hopeful. There is a Java logo...


It's asking me for an IP address.

For a server from which it can download the Network Configuration Agent.


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