April 29, 2005

Michael McGinnis was not, it turns out, trying to start something about GOD.

In response to my earlier defensive post, Mr. McGinnis wrote me a quite understanding and more-patient-than-he-could-have-been-expected-to-be email. As a result, I am pleased to say, we now seem to have come to a better understanding of what each other's position is; and as is only right, I wanted to announce this here so that none of the four point two people who read this screed left feeling that he had sniped, or sniped and then left...not at all the case.

Thanks, Mr. McG, for reading, and keeping me honest. I know it's a trying job.

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You're welcome, J.B. After appealing to the nonviolent spirit of the civil rights movement, I certainly didn't want to be hypocritical by responding ungraciously or vengefully. But it still happens. I used to get called into my manager's office because of my use of "sharp tools". I appreciate your balance: copyright reform is good, piracy is bad, equal rights are good, self-righteousness is bad.

Posted by: Michael McG at April 30, 2005 12:13 AM
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