April 27, 2005

So they start Young, apparently.

The lying doesn't come in at a later time. The Chairman of the Colorado Young Republicans, when confronted by two Democrats who were ejected from a speech given by President Bush by a man posing as a Secret Service agent as to who the man was and what he was doing at the event, replied that he wouldn't talk to them without his attorney being present - but declined to provide his attorney's name. The Secret Service, for their part, states that they do in fact know who the individual was, and that they are investigating that person for impersonating a Secret Service agent, but won't release their identity - but did say that the person admitted that they targeted the Democrats because of their bumper sticker identifying them as Democrats.

So: Someone was at the event, and was standing with the Chairman of the YR, pretending to be a Secret Service agent. He was conferring with said chairman. Said chairman won't discuss the matter without an attorney. The upshot of the incident was the barring of two American citizens from attending a speech by their president based purely on their avowed political leanings, by someone pretending to be a law enforcement officer - which is a crime.

None of these people are guilty until and unless a court determines them so. The chairman's response is his legal right - and also means that he, too, understands and recognizes that he is up to his neck in a criminal-case level barrel of badness.

And these are the people our president feels most comfortable having shield him from the American public.

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They call themselves the Young Republicans, but in fact they are not all that young - to be a member you need to be 18. Or, at least you did when my brother was an informal member of the Worcester chapter in the 90s and was much younger than 18. I vaguely remember that they kick you out at 40 or so.

I think I was going to follow with something witty about this showing how Republicans are all old farts, but I forgot what. And it probably wasn't very funny anyway.

Posted by: maw at April 28, 2005 12:01 AM
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