April 18, 2005

More ways to feel inadequate on the internet

Sigh. This gent is a true maven of one of my favorite pastimes, the Golden Age videogame. I have a few of them, some which work and some which do not; however, I am hamstrung in my drive to become a truly proficient and dedicated Arcade collector: I don't have anyplace to put (much less work on) the things. They won't fit into my apartment - not so much because of space, but because it's a Cambridge first-floor walk-up that's up 1/2 a flight of a square staircase, and nothing this size and inflexibility will go through that door. The basement of my condo, which has room and would be perfect, is down a narrow elbowbasher of a stairway and the outside door is accessed by a deep, narrow concrete stairway with thick rails embedded in it. Plus it's probably a few inches too small. So where are they now? That's...complicated.


My current collection:

  • Atari Star Wars (1 working, 1 not complete)
  • Atari Asteroids (not working, worked for a few days but the spotkiller came on as expected. I need to recap the monitor for sure, perhaps winkle out some other bits.)
  • Atari Battlezone (almost working)
  • Atari Red Baron (working)
  • Atari Tempest (not working)
  • Atari Space Duel (not working)
  • Williams Stargate (not working)
  • Bally/Midway Xenophobe (working)
...someday I'll have a garage, or perhaps (gasp) a shed. Heh. Then look out.

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