April 8, 2005

More Motherless Bastards.

Well. Had to happen. It appears that the publicity we received during the latest round of silliness has attracted not just the usual eBay parasites, but those of a whole new order. This crew talks about how they 'purchase their media from a variety of sources' and asks you to 'click a payment method below to see what options are available for purchase.' However, somehow, if you do click a payment method (well, pay-by-mail or 'use our secured server' at least, paypal was down when I tried) you seem to only be able to order the '7 DVD set' for $149.00. Hmm, interesting. They seem pretty sure of their ability to supply this wonderful DVD set, which, to belabor the obvious point, must in fact be an illegal copy. Indicating to me that they are most likely manufacturing it.

Who are they? Dunno (yet). Where are they? Well, according to their order form:

          Order by Mail: Order Form     
Printable Order Form for Check or Money Order  
ALL 14 EPISODES ON 7  DVDS     $149 95       
Domestic Shipping                $5 00            
                        Total  $               
City, State, & Zip      
Email Address (optional)   
Send check or money order made payable to:   
Primary Source    
Mail your order to:   
#### -------- Avenue Suite #251  Berkeley, Ca 94704  
May have to take a wander over there when I'm in the neighborhood and see what we got.

And believe you me, if I find out that there happens to be a DVD manufacturing op set up using master files from the Eyes on the Screen effort...well...I don't think it'd be possible for me to be more irritated about that. But I guess anything is possible. Especially since the proponents of that effort keep telling me that that effort is only good for everyone. My protests that earnest viewers will be taken in by operations like this were continually met with blithe assertions that the 'free' availability of the files would make that problem moot, and the pressure on my family to re-release a 'legal' version of the films would mitigate it as well. Newsflash: you released the files. They're out there. People are still willing willing to pay ridiculous amounts of money for counterfeit crap-quality DVDs on eBay; I know, because I have to keep spending time filling out VERO notices for the stupid auctions. Why? Because most of the world isn't able to download a BitTorrent file and burn a DVD to use in their living room; the copyfight protesters in this case aren't speaking for the general public. They're speaking for a technological and cultural elite, and their proposed solution doesn't protect the access rights of the 'general public' - it simply makes it easier for unscrupulous but tech-savvy folks to fleece the same.

Oh, and the reason we haven't brought out a legal version, before anyone asks me with righteous indignation, is because despite said publicity, no-one has stepped up to the plate to invest the money required for such a licensing and mastering effort. My family doesn't have the resources, and more than one potential investor has backed away from the project. No, it wasn't because of monies we demanded, either, to answer several fairly rude assumptions made in emails. No investors have been forthcoming since the recent publicity; all of these predate the publicity push.

"Prime Media," eh? Hello, boys. "Chad Arrington." Right, suuure. You also sell a $49.95 guide to getting a new social security number, eh? Why am I not surprised. Caveat emptor, I suppose. Oh, hello; Mr. Arrington appears to be familiar with complaints. Well, then, time to write the USPS Postal Inspectors a little letter, I suppose. Ha; he's even cited as precedent when dealing with postal service lowlifes. Lovely.

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