April 1, 2005

Want to feel inadequate? Welcome to the internet.

The indefatiguable Luis Villa reminds me, after my previous entry, that whatever you say on the Internet, someone has said it better. Well, no, he was really cool about it and really didn't mean it that way - he just thought I might find it a good read (suuuuure, like he wasn't trying to save you all from the sap-factor of my o'erweening nationalist fromagefest by suggesting I read my betters). Okay, Luis. Okay. Message received. :-)

Everyone should check out what happens when someone with a much stronger sense of humor than I misses Republicans. Because it's funny. Also because it's true.

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haha. Not at all the intent :) I totally agree with the fromagefest and found it well written and tasteful (which most of that sort aren't.) I'll be pointing at it in the future when I run across those who have given up hope, which all too many have.

Posted by: Luis Villa at April 1, 2005 10:17 AM
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