February 1, 2005

A point for Rev. Joe

Hm. A cow orker has pointed out that in my annoyance at Rev. Joe's comment, and my zeal to make my case, I may have tripped over a line that I shouldn't have. I will go back and think about it some more, but let me lay it out here: I have, in fact, used the word 'steal' at the very least. Rev. Joe, others, let me say right now that I will acknowledge I am not sure that this is the proper word. I will from here on use the word 'infringe' - which is the proper word, technically. Those downloading the film are infringing on the rights reserved to the rightsholders.

As I have tried to make plain, I have (at the very least) mixed feeling about copyright. I think some parts of it are in dire need of fixing, and some parts of it need to be taken out behind the barn. I also think this particular action is wrong. I don't see a conflict between the two.

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