January 18, 2005

Oh yeah.

There was a Baconfest. You missed it, unless you didn't. I didn't. I am swimming in nitrates. Swimming, I tell you. It is good. The tenth (my God) Baconfest was...just as good as the others.

Many points to Daren Chapin, who managed to both play Asshole and bottle-feed within...well, some improbably short time period. And that's bottle-feed someone else, people. Not his homeslice self. And to Kermit, for commuting to NYC from the fest for a Batmitzvah, and returning again, to continue drinking. To Dave Burbach, for being the only member of the fest to have punched his ticket at ALL TEN ITERATIONS. These are but a few of the heroic feats performed.

Thank you all. It's two months 'till Baconfest.

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