December 14, 2004

So I'm a crassly materialistic snot.

I acknowledge this about myself. It's one of my many failings.

However, I had been ready to purchase a 2004 Toyota Prius about a year ago, and an absolutely abysmal experience with Herb Chambers Toyota convinced me to never, ever purchase a car from the Toyota retail sales organization ever again. It's a pity, too...while the Prius was a nice geek vehicle, it wasn't a particularly great car - but I do love some of their toys.

However, for less than I was willing to pay for that car, I have acquired a new friend.

His name is Darthwagen.

Every time I feel a pang of guilt over my excessive consumerism, there is a deep hiss from the climate control system as he informs me that I do not yet understand the power of the Dark Side.

I think he will kill me if I show weakness. But together we can rule the highways as Sith Lord and disciple.

Besides, I'm a good Jew. Pay retail? Ha! As if.

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Mmmmmm... Darthwagen...

Nice wheels! I am now officially super-jealous. I must say that this was a far better purchase than that stunning yet wildly overpriced glass decanter from Venice.


Posted by: Randy at December 6, 2005 3:37 PM
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