December 1, 2004

Mea culpa spamorica.

I must offer my apologies to the Novell spam gateway system. As I have been informed by numerous cow orkers (moo) there is, in fact, no need to deal with messages the gateway traps. All messages are default flushed unless 'preserved' by their recipient, so the message digests are in fact means of watching for false *positives.* Posted by jbz at December 1, 2004 1:08 AM | TrackBack

I am under the impression that you can ask IS&T to turn it off for you. Just file a request in the web form on the intranet-- under Resources -> IS&T.

Posted by: verbal at December 17, 2004 2:51 PM

There is still a problem with the spam filtering, though.

The Novell spam filter is not really very good in my experience. Most of my spam is caught by spamassassin, not by the Novell filter. This means a few things:

* There are multiple places that I need to check for false positives.
* My spamassassin receives no training for the spam the Novell filter caught, since it never reaches it.
* The "summary" email *does* reach it, and of course *it* is marked as spam by spamassassin, since it contains all the subjects of the caught spam, even though it is itself technically not spam.

I wish I could just turn it off. Spamassassin + bogofilter is much better (for me) anyway.

Posted by: Dan Mills at December 6, 2004 2:01 PM
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