November 8, 2004

Don't know how parents do it.

I was in NYC this weekend visiting with friends. Stayed with friends who have three-month-old twin girls (awwwww) and performed now-familiar-poopy-diaper-and-bottle-feeding duties...felt proud of myself for taking on the 1:40 AM feeding after looking at the haggard face of my pal as he came out to mix formula in response to the tentative "Whah?" from the nursery. Took the bottle and sent him back to bed before tiptoeing into the room, only then realizing that I had no idea where anything was and that my eyes hadn't acclimatized...stepped on two things that went "squeak!", one thing that rolled, and another that just slid but managed to reach the squalling Katia Chapin.

Lifted said tot, cradled, inserted bottle to frenzied Maggie Simpson-like smacking noises and all complaints ceased. Fifteen minutes and five ounces later, she looked at me and squirmed for two minutes while I patted her on the back. Several coos and peeps later, she produced an enormous fart and two healthy belches, then promptly stopped moving entirely, conked her head against my cheek and began to snore, at which point I felt safe laying her down and re-inserting the pacifier. I backed carefully out of the nursery.

Next day, spent a couple hours total placating fussy small girls, and then went to see a high school friend I haven't seen since he moved to Israel several years ago to become a rabbi. Met his wife and his two-month old and two-and-a-half year old daughters. Drove home that night (last night). All in all, an overbabied but fun weekend.

This morning, however, I left the house, and as I closed the door, realized I had left my keys inside just as the lock out onto the stoop to find my car had been towed due to street cleaning...and pulled out my cell phone to call a colleague for help to have the battery die right after talking to him. I think the weekend took more out of me than I had realized, and that was only one night and one day of kids.

Thank God I don't have any. I'd be a mess. So would they, if this is any evidence.

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