November 2, 2004


I don't think I have to tell the (likely four) people who read this blog, but if you're an American citizen, then VOTE damn it. This is not a right. It is a privilege. In order to retain the privilege, it must be exercised. If you want this fragile experiment in democracy we call the U.S. to continue, then ACT LIKE IT and go to the polls.

Please note carefully: I am not telling you who or what to vote for. That is a separate message, not part of this one. Vote Bush, vote Kerry, vote Badnarik, vote Nader, vote Alfred E. Neuman. Just vote, damn it. I won't understand you if you vote for some of those choices - but that is my personal opinion, and a matter for debate (if there is any) between you and me if we choose to have one.

We are both American citizens, and as such, no matter who you plan on voting for, I go to the polls with you today as your countryman. VOTE. Make sure your friends vote. Make sure your family votes. Yell at random people in the street and make sure they vote.

Whatever the outcome, the worst of all possible 'morning afters' are the inevitable "if only so-and-so more people had voted..." lines that commentators and spinmeisters love to use, placing all blame for everything on us the voting populace. Don't let them do that. Make sure that no matter what happens, they have to look to their platforms, their ideas, their message, their methods; don't let them just slough off responsibility for a loss on us. Either side.

I will withhold any more partisan political ranting until after the polls close. In the meantime, please, again, VOTE. Thank you.

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