October 28, 2004

Idly wondering...

...if someone has yet stolen the 'Reverse (the) CurvSe' sign from Memorial Drive yet...

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Yeah, I was wondering last night whether they'll be able to replace that sign, and whether it will be altered again. OK, the curse is lifted (though Bob O'Toole is Boston's other World Series curse, and he's still around, even if he's on desk duty), but for it to be *reversed* will require eighty-six years of the NYY not winning a Series. I suspect people will get bored of repainting the sign before that happens, though, now that the curse is evidently lifted.

In other news, I have to wonder whether anyone prayed to the martyred Victoria for intercession? If so, does the sweep qualify as her first miracle? Or were there two miracles: the win, and the sweep? Ain't my religion, of course, but this is Boston after all, and Boston's going to need a new bit of folklore now that it doesn't have the Curse, and what better in Boston than a candidate for sainthood?

Posted by: Mark Gordon at October 28, 2004 8:15 AM
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