September 29, 2004

Pretty Hate Machine

Fairly depressed. Was surfing various newsbytes, and came a page which offered some English translations of 'man in the street' interviews with Saudi citizens, asking them "Would you shake hands with a Jew?" Their answers do nothing to further my hope for peace, love and understanding.

I don't even know where to begin. I could argue points of view, or reiterate points of fact and reference, but obviously neither of those have any real relevance here. What matters is the situation, not the viewpoints; the causes not the effects. How have we gotten here? How do we get out? I'm not going to cry pithy tears and say that I weep for my brethren in those photos and wish only to educate them; that would be a self-serving and hollow claim. No, I'll limit myself to saying honestly that I want to figure out how we've gotten to this point, all of us; and try to figure out how we get out of it. I want not to go to Saudi Arabia, and I do want to be someone directly responsible for affecting U.S. foreign and military policy towards that nation.

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