August 25, 2004

His Brain is in an Undisclosed Location

I can't help but gaze suspiciously on the Vice President's recent public straying from the reservation. On the one hand, it could indeed just be a somewhat ham-handed attempt to soften the GOP's stance towards non-far-right 'family values' voters - to allow them to vote for the GOP, if you will. On the other, it might be something else.

Stories have been rife for months now about the drag on the ticket that Mr. Cheney represents, with his poll numbers ranging from poor to abysmal. Could it be that this is the beginning of an effort to divorce him from the ticket? A highly contentious issue in which he describes his difference of opinion with the President wouldn't be much of a story, save for the almost religiously monolithic nature of White House and even Republican party platform and position message to date. On the one hand, it is still before the GOP convention, albeit only a couple of days before; this would allow his removal to occur through the selection of an alternate candidate rather than actually removing him from a final ballot. On the other hand, this late in the game, if such a maneuver were attempted, it would surely raise a furor amongst the delegates (and, one would hope, the party members) who have dispatched their proxy to New York City based on what would be an obsolete platform.

I know, it's all musings, not very likely ones even. Still. I'm not sure how I come down on this issue - as an angry liberal, I would say that anything that makes the GOP ticket less electable, the better. Whether leaving an unpopular VP candidate on or causing the furor is worse is a comparison I don't know how to make. Also, it seems like it would fail at least one 'likelihood' test - especially given this administration's fairly high-handed attitude towards their responsibilities and promises to the electorate, simply waiting until after the election and then replacing Mr. Cheney (convenient heart attack, again) would cause the least trouble.

Unless, of course, they're really worried he's jeopardizing their election chances.

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