August 3, 2004

Thought Experiment

A quick counterfactual. Suppose we had a Democratic administration, say, under Slick Willie. Suppose that under this administration's aegis, gas prices in urban U.S. areas went from under $1.50/gallon to over $2/gallon. How many outraged screams from pro-business commentators would we hear about the incompetence of the energy policy, foreign policy as applies to oil, and economic policy of said administration? To say nothing of the calls for releases from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve? Now think about the past few weeks. Think about the Vice President's steadfast refusal to hand over papers relating to his 'task force' on energy to Congress. Think about the complete silence.

Depressing, isn't it?

Update: As of today 8.4.2004, Cheney has officially blamed the Democrats for rising energy prices because - I kid you not - they have not supported his energy policy recommendations.

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