June 21, 2004

No no, my friend. The first one is always free with P-to-the-N-U-T.

There really is just no way to win. I had, in recent weeks, managed to wrestle my hypertrophied videogamer gene down to a dull murmur by restricting myself to perhaps twenty minutes per day (max) of fast, simple Counterstrike rounds. At the end, I had further tightened the noose by only permitting myself to play on 24/7 Assault servers, eschewing map diversity for speed and efficiency. All well and good. I hadn't even installed the Halo CD my roommate had left, enticingly, on the hall table.

Then all hell broke loose. Another monkey at work broached an old, old, evil; a nearly-forgotten addiction. A scourge that I had sworn would never darken my sleepless nights again, my resolve hardened by the way in which the curse itself did SUCK.

Yes, those fateful words came sliding across the porches of my ears, to posset up my thin and wholesome blood: "Dude, have you checked out AO recently? I started up a 'toon again a week or so ago, and it's sweet..


There was nothing to be done about it. In a last grasp at salvation, I decided that if I was to truly proffer up my credit card and re-explore the world of Rubi-Ka, I was going to do so with some limits in place on myself. I moved my Wintel PC over to his house, rendering my own home Windows-free. Then, and only then, did I log on to the system, giving them my card, finding that my 'toon (Gregg "Deltavi" Guynes, Level 106 Fixer) was still there, sleeping, faithfully awaiting my return since that last time those many months (a year?) ago that I logged out and left him crosslegged, sitting in Old Athen Backyard 2.

And my friend was right.

While we may, in fact, give up on the game again in disgust in a few weeks just like we did the last time (our second run at it), for the moment, it's entrancing. Whole lists of quests we haven't even heard of, items we haven't even imagined, scenery that makes you drool and play several hours just to go look at it. The Shadowlands pack is awesome. So awesome, in fact, that the Planet Rubi-Ka, once a bustling mecca of sci-fi mayhem, is nearly a ghost town. Everybody, and I mean everybody, is over in the Shadowlands, kicking strange Unredeemed ass.

So I only put in like seventeen hours this weekend. Really. Posted by jbz at June 21, 2004 1:51 AM | TrackBack

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