February 23, 2004

Please, Mr. Nader

Mr. Nader -

Although it is a dismal set of affairs to consider, we have ended up with a Democratic field of candidates who are being judged overwhelmingly on a single criteria: ‘can they defeat George Bush in 2004?’ Whatever the answer and whoever the winner of this primary fight will be, your candidacy will only serve to distract Democrats at a time when they must band together to defeat an incumbent President who has proven himself worse through incompetent action and lack of both sense and morals grounded in reality than any of them could ever prove to be through dullness or even inaction. Your previous campaign pulled precious electoral votes from Al Gore’s campaign. While I do not dispute your right, or your decision at the time to run, I am asking you now - for the sake of defeating George Bush and cronies, refrain from entering the presidential race in 2004.

Thank you,

Jacob Zimmerman

Massachusetts Democrat unhappy with all his choices - but more unhappy with Bush. Posted by jbz at February 23, 2004 5:24 PM

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