February 9, 2004

"Gimme two faucets, a bench, three grilles, a two-by-eight and one of those freaky slope things."

Yes, I acknowledge, I am a nerd. Hence the dialogue of my Sunday.

"Lemme have two grilles, two benches, a right wing and two one-by-twelve technics, dark grey."

"Um, we need four six-by-sixteens here, not three."

"Does this magnet on, or does it wedge?"

"No, Chris has the faucets and the blue half pins..."

...and so it goes. That is a couple sound bites of a twelve-hour day spent team-assembling the Grand Poo-Bah of Lego - the Everest of Bricks - The Imperial Star Destroyer.

It was actually pretty damn challenging (3,104 pieces!) and not so simple. Imagine a twenty-page section of the instructions involving a few hundred pieces that, at the end, says 'okay, now go back to the beginning and do it again.' That happens frequently. Building it was bad enough; I can't imagine designing this thing. It is composed entirely of angles that are completely unnatural in the Legoverse, requiring all manner of massively cool hacks to work.

The end result, however, makes it alllll worthwhile. Posted by jbz at February 9, 2004 2:26 AM


I should point out that this is the second time he's actually built one of these things...

Posted by: J at February 12, 2004 8:25 AM
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