February 5, 2004

Speed bleeding feed

I am fascinated with this, which is a neato Java-applet-cum-literary-oasis-avec-fromage-and-digerati. Essentially, it is Cory Doctorow's new book Eastern Standard Tribe, presented to you the net reader one word at a time at user-selectable speed. The ultimate in lazy-ass infoslurping. The epitome of 'feed'. Ideal.

I find myself reading comfortably one click below the max setting. It's sort of like being stoned somewhere you're really not supposed to be, having conversations - you have no way of referring to the previous words, or sneaking peeks at the paragraph shapes in front of you. You just have the flow, which firehoses into your eyes and occasionally leaks in sprays out your ears. All your thoughts about the story have to take place in parallel with the unstopping work of deciphering it, holding the sentence structures in place in your brain's equivalent of an input buffer. I can't shake the image of being buffer overflowed by a frenzied, coffee-pumped cyberwhatsis author.


It has possibilities.

hm. Posted by jbz at February 5, 2004 11:55 PM

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