December 23, 2003

On the Move

We're almost there - the Monkeys are moving offices. This, of course, means that yors utrly is on the hotseat - and at least partially due to reasons of my own making.

See, my forte isn't planning. It isn't meticulous prechecking of zillions of conditions. It's not the joy that (I'm told) can come from an exacting schedule and/or checklist of tasks and sub-tasks and sub-sub-tasks and so on that can make a complex operation such as moving a tech firm a synchronized waltz of precision and efficiency. Nope nope.

I'm a seat-of-the-pants Op. This means I excel at pulling chestnuts from the fire of chaos. I'm good at triage; I'm pretty good at finding a workable answer quickly, if not the best answer. I'm pretty good at intuiting now what my answer to a question I haven't thought about yet should be so as to avoid hosing myself later.

This means, natch, that moves are usually several days of sheer pain and suffering, coupled with adrenalin highs, concomitant lows, bouts of depression, rage, glee, loopiness, drunken flights of fancy and strained back muscles.

So, to any of you monkeys that may wander in here before the move: beware. Your Op is in BOFH mode and will not hesitate to LART if you get in the way. Oh, and the answer to 'When will (x) work' is always "WHEN I DAMN WELL GET TO IT." But, likely, before the 29th.

Posted by jbz at December 23, 2003 11:31 PM
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