December 19, 2003

iPod, iThaw, iRock

This is a tip that no doubt all serious iPod users know, but which I just had cause to discover for myself tonight. Returning to a car parked in chilly weather, I found that my iPod (original 5GB) - which had been sitting in said car - told me that I had no battery left, despite my having charged it that afternoon and only used it for around 20 mins.

After swearing at the situation, I tried to start it a couple times - no dice, I got that annoying battery icon. Finally, I started the car, turned on the heater, held the back of the iPod in front of the vent until it was warm to the touch, and then rebooted the iPod (Pause/Menu held down until the Apple symbol shows). This time, it started up, showing me an empty battery indicator, so I began to play a playlist while holding it in front of the heater. After thirty or forty more seconds, the battery meter had jumped to three bars - where it remained for the forty-minute drive home.

Posted by jbz at December 19, 2003 12:34 AM
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