November 12, 2003

Place the brownies on the floor, sir.

<keelyn> it's like a mastercard commercial:
<keelyn> 4 cops, 3 firefighters, 1 pan of brownies... priceless!

Well, that needs some explanation.

If the links on this site haven't already told you, I'm a confirmed Everything2 junkie. I spend a fair amount of time on that site. Recently, we had a bake sale (more specifically, the Ninjagirls had a bake sale) to benefit the site, and all of us who donated were sent baked goods from the Ninjagirls' kitchens. Mmm. So I had donated, and was therefore sent a batch of Chocolate Death Brownies from a compadre.

The problem is that when the brownies showed up at my office, they were addressed to (naturally) The Custodian, in the Operations department. Our office manager / den mother, Keelyn (who is always looking out for us) wasn't sure what to do with a package for someone fictional, and called the Post Office. When the Post Office found that there was food in it, they advised her to call 911.

So she did.

I got wind of this because folks on IRC at the office were saying that a strange package had arrived for The Custodian. I jumped up and headed for the front desk, but by that point, the cops had told Keelyn that they were on the way and not to touch the package.

So we all waited. One cop showed up. Then three firemen. Then another couple of cops (the firemen had been lost). After clanking their HAZMAT air tanks to the ground, the firemen examined the packaged and proclaimed that from the texture there was an awful lot of butter in them brownies.

Meanwhile, I'm hoping that there aren't any, um, additions in these brownies - not that I have any reason to expect there to be, but at this point...

So eventually, they all left, and I got to eat brownies. Keelyn declined, as she's dieting.

Oh, the cops did come back and ask Keelyn if they should bring ice cream next time.

Posted by jbz at November 12, 2003 12:08 PM
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